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Your Child’s Mind Unlocked in 15 Minutes!

The World’s MOST FUN Child Personality Test!



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Which Clan Type is Your Child?



Leo with pet.png

Led by Leonardo, Luminaries are the people of water, easygoing and reposeful, yet quick-witted and with a sense of humour. Luminaries make wise use of the power of water and embrace the fast-changing world with a peace of mind, not taking anything too seriously, yet excelling at what they do.



Musashi with pet.png

Just like their power, the Bushido clan members are down-to-earth and aspiring people who are gifted with the power of Earth. Their strong natural connection and trust with other creatures is fostered through years of genuine care, modelled by their clan leader, Musashi.



Zhu with pet.png

Excalibur is the clan of fire, with people and creatures as fiery and passionate as their power while also impressive in their strength and sensibility. Blissful and boisterous festivals are a common sight among the clan members, and even their busy leader Zhu would not miss them.



Abbi with pet.png

Voyagers are free-spirited and warm-hearted people who travel around Gaia to spread tales of wonder and comfort, carried away by the wind. They represent the element of air, founded by Abbi, whose compassion and courage represents the shared value of Voyagers.

How it Works

Parent Testimonials

Nrzalifah Abu

Parent of 3

LevelUp - Team Photos (3).png

"Raising children is a tough task. After doing the test, I‘ve realized that every child in this world is different, and as parents, we need different strategies for different situations. Using the actionable insights from the test, my husband and I have been working together on improving those behaviors together in a fun yet goal-based exercises. Thank you once again @psychupedu for your wonderful insights."

Winnie Tham

Parent of 3

LevelUp - Team Photos (4).png

"Raising 3 kids is definitely difficult - having to understand the behavior of each one and figuring out what they need and want. These tests were really an eye-opener for me as they allowed me to get a closer look at their strengths, weaknesses, interests, and passions. After doing the test, it became more apparent that each child is vastly different, and as parents, we need different strategies for different situations. The actionable insights from the test then helped me to come up with fresh ideas to engage and interact with my children. LevelUp is really a game-changer!"

Hitesh Kothari

Parent of 2

LevelUp - Team Photos (3).png

"These kid psychometric tests by @psychupedu were really an eye-opener for me as they allowed me to assess my 5-year-old son in a way that I had never thought about before taking this test. With the help of the LevelUp team, I now understand his strengths and weaknesses. Since learning about his ability to thrive in a group learning environment, I’ve been exploring more team-based sports with him, and he’s having a whole load of fun. Thank you team, LevelUp!"

Our Experienced Team

Patricia Vlad


30 Under 30 Educator

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Patricia has a BA and an MA in Education from the University of Cambridge and has worked in the education sector for 10 years. She specialises in educational psychology and technology integration into the classroom. Patricia has worked in the education industry in countries such as the UK, the UAE, and China. She is deeply passionate about bringing self-awareness  to learners of all ages.

Robert Williams

Psychometric Test Design Veteran

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Rob Williams has over 20 years of experience in bespoke psychometric test design and 10 years prior to this spent working for several of the UK’s leading test publishers. This includes working with companies such as IBM, OPP, and SHL. He is an author of five books on psychometric testing, and currently heads Rob Williams Assessment, whose team has worked on several projects for the European Union.

Cosmin Sofron

Industrial & Organisational Psychologist

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Cosmin is an I/O Psychology and HR consultant delivering custom-built Psychometrics, Strategic HR, and Learning & Development solutions to the education industry and beyond. With his detail-oriented mindset and meticulous work ethic, Cosmin fully supports a robust, evidence-based approach to work, that draws on behavioural science and cognitive psychology.

Nicole Tan



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Nicole has a Bachelors degree in Biological Sciences and a minor in Psychology. She is currently pursuing a professional career in Educational Psychology. As a former volunteer of NLB's KidsRead programme and a former intern at the Ministry of Education of Singapore, Nicole is passionate about education, and enjoys making learning fun for children.

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